Twin Tower poeple
of the Babel tower,
made their way down
tense and fearful
eyes on their feel.
Every step
a time of awaiting
a devils verdict
Down 40 flights
united by a chain
of hope of survival.
One after the otherr
as though condemned
Praying hard
they reached the brave
young men
going up.
Those firemen
going up
to meet their fate
in crash helmets.
No time for fear.
The soldiers of fire
went upstairs
one after the onther
face to face
with those descending
trying to encourage them,
the last trace
of the memory of
their lives.
The Twin Tower firemen
went up into
the fire storm willingly,
into the smoke and dust of ashes
sent by Satan,
God opened the gates
of Heaven wide as
he did for soldiers of Pearl Harbour,
Kosowe Pole- Westerplatte
Those firemen
who loved us,
went to give their lives
for you ans me
forever and ever.
The fires heat, the burning air
the thunder of breaking steel
shured them into the pit of hell
into Lucifers abyss.
Satan you asked too much
too much for you to handle.
You’ve suffered the greatest loss
in the world we inhabit.
who died,
are not alone.
people of all nations
from far and near,
the guardians of dignity
and human life,
democracy, freedom
we are with you…
We raise the flag
above smashed ruins.
The way of the terrorists
will not break us.
who live in the great land of
our country
men and women of honor,
heal wounds,
conquer the world with love.
We will conquer the hellish
world of terror
sleeped in meaness.

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